Now the world is in the age of technology and all the people around the globe are changed to be in a small village in virtual world. Based on this need for introducing and sharing information about Ghazni province as a first step several years ago, in 2007 created a weblog for this purpose, by this name. (

After sometimes when Facebook become very famous among people in Afghanistan, to use this opportunity for introducing Ghazni province, three years ago, decided to create a Facebook Page for Ghazni by this name ( to share news and information about Ghazni which is active right now also. Finally decided to register the first website by the name of Ghazni.It is also noteworthy that with help and coordination with other youths in Ghazni for encouragement of cultural and media activities in 2009 created a social organization by the name of Ghaznain Cultural and Civil Foundation (GCCF) the weblog address is and also this foundation had a monthly publication (Payam Sanyee) which was published for two years.
The main goal of this website ( is to introduce Ghazni province its history, culture, and personalities which will be a good source of information for all the people. Also, it will be a useful tool to share information and experience between friends and Afghan citizens.
Therefore, respectfully ask all readers specially Ghaznawian if they have useful information, books and writings about Ghazni please share it with us that we could publish it in website for use all the people inside and outside of the country. 
With Regards
Abdul Wasay Hilaman
Founder of Ghazni Website